Friday, July 4, 2008


this year i shared my 28th birthday with father's day. it happens every so often. the first time we shared was the year i was born. it seems fitting. if my dad wasn't a father, i wouldn't be alive. if i wasn't born, my dad would not be able to celebrate being a dad. so it works. although i was a tiny bit grumpy that my day didn't get to be totally and 100% my day. but he is not a bad person to share a day with, especially because the two reasons for having a day are totally entwined. we went to the temescal farmer's market in the morning for some blue bottle coffee. i finished the vest i was working on as a present for father's day.
i used ella rae classic in three colors. and i used the random stripe generator to "plan" the stripes out. the pattern is mine. it goes: get gauge, measure dad, cast on, knit til armholes in the round, begin to work back and forth for front and back with help from ann budd's handy book of pattern's for the decreasing and such, make v-neck front, three needle bind off shoulders, pick up for neck edge and armhole edges. i used size 7 needles for body, size 5 for the ribbing. and almost all of all four balls of yarn. thanks to EZ and her EPS for giving me the knowledge of how to just knit a vest. i like vests for two main reasons: they don't have sleeves, and they sure do make one look spiffy.
i call it his 'hip professor vest'. what do you think?
then we went rowing in the emeryville marina. something that both of us enjoyed doing and could do together. i did most of the rowing, and had blisters on both hands to prove it. he was just holding the oars so i could take some pictures. but doesn't he look happy?


Merritt College Environmental Programs said...

What a nice story! I am a fortunate Dad.

Knitsonya said...

How cute are you guys? He is very fortunate - an amazing hand knit vest and a sweet rowing hoodie.

Kristine said...

I am always thrilled to see a great father daughter team. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! I think it makes dad look spiffy *and* handsome! Yeah Kate!

Sele said...

i would like to point out that you made most of the shirts your dad is wearing in this post.

also, hi :)