Thursday, November 29, 2007

log in my eye

This is me at work. I am wearing a hat I knit for a co-workers baby, Ava (pictured above). She is adorable and deserved an adorable hat. I got it from here: . I used half of a skein of Ella Rae Classic - ok actually I weighed the ball after I knit the hat and there was only 45 grams left- so it took more than half. After you felt the hat, you must mix up some white glue and water and smear that paste on the ears. See the coat hanger on the desk in front of me? While at work, the hat was hanging by its ears in my locker.
So if you look closely at my left eye, you can tell that something funny is going on. For those of you who don't know me, it is not normally like that. In the middle of the night before this picture was taken, I was awoken by the terrible feeling of having something terrible in my eye, a log really. Well I got up and went into the bathroom but I couldn't see anything in it at all. But when i closed that eye, it hurt sooooo badly. So the first thing I did was think "what would they do at the hospital?" Its kind of like WWJD, but totally different. So I spent the next couple of minutes flushing my eye out. That didn't work at all. So then I thought "what would my body try to do?", also not like WWJD at all. Homeostasis, that's what our bodies are doing all the time, trying (and doing a very good job) of keeping our body functioning normally within certain guidelines. And by guidelines I mean something else but I can't come up with a better word at the moment. Anyway homeostasis is a delicate game of balance and its just great. So I thought, if there was something in my eye, my body would try to get it out on its own, by using tears and the like. So I went and sat on my couch and watched an episode of Scrubs (the sixth season) and held my eye closed with a finger or two. I have lots of faith in the human body. Well, the show ended twenty two minutes later and I opened my eye- and the log, the invisible log, was gone! So I went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, my eye was as it appears in the photo above.