Thursday, January 10, 2008

french press cozy for sile

this is the french press cozy i made for sile for the holidays. i found it on ravelry as "cable and bobble coffee press cozy". i really only know one person who uses a french press, sile, and it just so worked out that i thought she would enjoy one. so i knit it up on bart to and from work with some stash yarn and it came out adorable, in my opinion. the body is worsted weight lamb's pride in color creme i think and the garter stitch borders are in the new variegated lamb's pride in the yellow color. that is my fave one of the new variegated colors. i cant wait for more to come into article pract so that i can make some gloves out of it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"that's me eating firetruck"

"That's me eating firetruck."
this is cyrus, sonya's son. and yes he is that adorable in real life too. i made him that sweater for his 1st birthday a couple of years ago. i combined Knitting Pure and Simple #214 top down in the round baby sweater and i put a cable in it. i used Mission Falls 1824 cotton that i bought at Yarn! in alameda. as sonya was sending me this picture, she said that cyrus was sitting next to her and said "that's me eating firetruck".

Saturday, January 5, 2008

ok last obvious dog posting

sam likes carrots, enough said:
please watch and enjoy a schnoodle in action

dairy queen and spherey

i made this elizabeth zimmerman dairy queen hat for tammy for xmas. i was at her house last weekend and i just sat and knit it and then gave it to her. a very quick knit on size 15 needles. and its a fun pattern too. i got it from The Opinionated Knitter by EZ but watch out there is a mistake in the pattern. get the corrections. i used Harrisville Heathered Bulky by Harrisville Designs which i bought at Stash on solano ave. one skein does it with a bit leftover.
spherey and sammie. i used cascade 220 and the new variegated brown sheep lamb's pride for the legs. all from my stash.
spherey is for my aunt phyllis and uncle tony who live in boston. he is from the now-out-of-print book Unusual Toys for you to Knit and Enjoy by Jess Hutchison. she does however have a cute cat named kate on i think he is happy even though he has no mouth. i would ask him but i don't think he is capable of answering.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

my fave tiny people

my mom and sammie are my fave tiny people. some of you may say that sam is not a person. i beg to differ. ok they are my favorite tiny mammals. how is that? sam is wearing his sailing sweater that i made for him so that he would look smashing out on the bay on my dad's new used sailing boat. the sweater is made out of mission falls 1824 superwash wool that i got at stonemountain and daughter. you know if you go in there, and sign up on their mailing list, they will send you 20% off coupons on the regular. so i cast on and knit a square with the silver and put in those anchors that i got from 1000 Great Knitting Motifs by Luise Roberts, which really is great. i decreased it a little along the way so that it would fit sam's thin little schnoodle body. i then knit a chest piece and sewed them together leaving holes for his legs. then i picked those stitches up and knit legs. i then picked up stitches around the whole edge of the sweater and did some ribbing. then with the blue- i picked up stitches around the neck and make a collar which can be popped if sam feels like it. ta da! a sailing sweater. first we have to find out if sam likes sailing.

adorable dog and WIPs

people always ask me how sam is doing- so i thought i would pop in a picture of him doing just fine. he is sitting on carrie's lap. we are about to go for a run, in the rain? or is that the sun trying to come out? i am wearing my new shoes for this year. they are green and make me happy. i also have new running socks which also make me happy.
ok yes knitting blog- ok here we go- this vest is for my dad- it is being blocked at this very moment!!! done!! i used kraemer mauch chunky bought at dear article pract. i made this pattern up and it makes me very proud of myself. when it is really done, as in my dad is wearing it, i will post again with its name.
this is another vest, for me this time. an anatomical heart. the heart is done, well besides some cardiac veins and arteries. i still have to do the back of the vest. i made this one up too! i printed out an image of a heart from the interweb and then drew it onto graph paper i bought from schoolhouse press. then i knit it into my vest. and i cursed my name the whole time. at some points, far too many, i was knitting with four colors across a row! gray, pink, red, blue, pink and then gray again. crazy i tell you, crazy.
ok the sun is out so that is my sign that it is time to run, especially since there is a high wind warning going into effect at noon. if i don't come back, its because sam and i are floating around out there somewhere. happy new year! i am calling it knit 2008.