Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i am teaching this cute slouchy beret at Article Pract in march - this is the wednesday crew before work at our fave LYS- see if you can guess who my lovely sidekicks are. oh and the yarn i am wearing in the form of a beret is Fibre Co. Khroma- soooo pretty.
i am also teaching some classes coming up at Knit One One
magical mystery party this friday night and a switch knitting class march 8th. so run don't walk to check out these classes and all the other ones taught by many lovely people.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

that is all i have to say, my dog is once again too much

a snail?

ok so the vest is done- so done that i can wear it! not sure how many people get it though. i mean most have not understood that it is a heart. i am thinking about putting some veins and arteries so maybe that will help with the identifying. i wore it to the hospital and people thought it was cool. but i still think it is not being fully understood. well i love it. christina's response was one of my fave. she said "you do have a big heart" this was not the intention but i like the sentiment. some people think its a snail. maybe its my job to educate the world on the anatomy of a human heart. aortic arch anyone?
well i am just glad that it is done and wearable. so in that picture i am hand delivering a nursing school application to merritt community college. i guess it is my first choice. i mean it is the closest to my world and my dad runs the environmental center there. so we could have lunch together. that is the fifth application i turned/mailed in. it feels very good to get them in. i have two more to go. but i won't know anything til mid april or even beginning of may. so the wait is on.

i know this is a bit outdated but this is my mom and dad and me after voting! aren't we cute. and yes, my dad is wearing his sticker on his forehead. it is from him that i get my sense of humor, but i have been told that he is funnier. i guess i will have to work on that. ok well see you all at Stitches!!!