Monday, March 31, 2008

cat scarves

ok this was the magical mystery party project from last friday- i called it the honeycomb java jacket- original i know. anyway christine said she was going to go home and put it on her cat. she did. she blogged about it. i borrowed the pix from her blog so that i could show them to you all- i did tell the class that if someone got the java jacket on their cat- that i would put the pix on my blog. so here you go:
what a handsome cat! oh and if you want to learn how to knit cables- i am teaching a class this saturday at knit one one called "cable mania". check it out! cat scarves for everyone.

Monday, March 17, 2008

schnoodle in the hood

my dog is so fierce, i wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ravelry @ Article Pract

from the minute we opened the store, we heard rumors that ravelry was coming to visit us at Article Pract. i got giddy and ran around the store, touching all the yarn to make sure it was in its proper place. mike wade was on the phone with carrie when casey and jess walked by and i am sure he could hear me giggle and sequel. they headed right to bakesale betty's because they had heard about the fried chicken sandwich over there. i highly recommend it. they then came in a hung around for a while and we all got to talk to them and discussed Stitches. they are very sweet and all the fame has not gone to their heads!! (i dont think that any of us on ravelry thought that) anyway, it was fun having them in our LYS. i am sorry that bob was not on this trip out west, i am sure him and sammie would have a great time sniffing each other for hours! and for those of you who have not joined yet, run don't walk, to

Thursday, March 13, 2008

405: one down six to go!

so i got into a nurisng school. before you get too excited- let me explain. yes this is a good thing, a very good thing, i got accepted. its napa valley college, in napa. they don't do a lottery like the other community colleges, instead, if you meet their qualifications, they accept you and put you on their waiting list. so i met their qualifications and got put on the bottom of the waiting list. that is all great for sure. i am number 405. they go through 90-100 people twice a year. so about two years until i would come to the top. so if i don't get in anywhere else, i can move to napa and go there in two years. it is a great plan b for sure. it feels good to get accepted somewhere. will you all come visit me up there? so now its waiting time- april 15th is the first i will hear from the other ones, so i will keep you all updated. should we start a betting pool as to how many other schools i am going to get into? tammy or mike wade want to help me set it up? we might as well make this very unfun thing, more fun right?

Friday, March 7, 2008

baby bunnie hat and saartje's booties

carrie is teaching saartje's booties and i am teaching the baby bunnie hat- what a cute combo really. and if you don't have a baby to put the stuff on, why not your dog? i did as you can see. knit one one.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i only spent $60

carrie and i went down to stitches on friday- we were so excited- a weekend of yarn fun! and she had never been there! we went to TNNA together- but being as that she is in the business- she was working the whole time and didn't get to walk around and see the goods. we checked into the hilton and filled our water bottles and walked across the street and then entered yarn mania. the line to get in was sooooo long. we got in a found our peeps at the article pract/cocoknits booth- who were both doing very well with their cute patterns. we made it around most of the convention center, took notes on what we wanted to see again on saturday, covered lunch back at the article pract/cocoknits booth and conversated. then it was closing time and we were ready to sit down for a bit. we went to bennigans for dinner with reuben, julie (cocoknits) and petra. yes i ate what is in the picture above. it is a monte cristo sandwich, which is a turkey, ham and cheese sandwich batter fried and rolled in powder sugar and then you spread raspberry jam on it! i know so gross! so carrie and i shared one so that not all of our heart valves would clog at once. it was totally edible, especially because the raspberry jam was yummy and overpowered all the other flavors.
there is the jam being enjoyed
so saturday morning we had a very important breakfast meeting with kristine from curious creek and her husband phil at IHOP- which is a very happening place on a saturday morning. then we made our way back to the convention center and the booths that we hadn't hit the day before. i managed to only spend $60 and carrie didn't buy ANY yarn. julie did a demo of her fantastic knitter's blocks as we urged her on. we were such a good audience if i do say so myself. the yarn below is brooks farm yarn from lancaster, texas. 400 yds of fine wool for $16.00. i bought two as you can see. i am not sure if i want to make a cap sleeved something or other or some big style wrap from ann budd's wrap style or scarf style. what do you think?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

new wave cactus blossom

ok so this is the cactus blossom. from knitscene fall 2007. i used cascade 220 for the MC and CC in noro kureyon. tammy helped me with the color choices. it makes me happy. well i decided to make another one using the same basic pattern by kate jackson. i added hearts into the color work pattern, fitting it in by adding a few stitches into the sleeves. so this is how it is so far:
unblocked of course, i am working on the collar as we speak. i also used cascade 220 for this one. my fave red color for the MC and a heathered gray for the CC.
i am really excited to post about stitches - and i have like 5 pictures from when ravelry came to article pract!!!!!!!