Saturday, June 7, 2008

knitting at the dog park

i was thinking about trying to steal his hotdog, but not after he gave me this look. the humans knit while we were at the dog park. the dogs did not and neither did the little humans. they ate hot dogs. it was super cold and windy and i was dressed in every knitted item i could find. then the sun came out and i got sunburned. sammie sniffed so many other dog butts and checked his 'peemail' as firegirlpj calls it. trumom showed us all the goodies she has for the raffle she is doing to raise money for the breast cancer 3 day walk she is doing. donate and you could win 10 skeins of malabrigo plus so much more!


Knitsonya said...

He's such a grouch about his hot dogs.

katerw said...

i think that random stripe generator just made my night.