Wednesday, July 9, 2008


as you can see- many many many knitters showed up to knit in public! it was great. warmed my heart about the knitting community. this first picture is wondermike of YKnit interviewing each and every person who showed up at the knit one one studio to knit. you can hear all about it on the most recent episode of YKnit. its funny. and if you listen carefully, you will hear me! it was rad to have so many public knitters, i mean most of us are not ashamed, or all of us are not ashamed to be knitters, and knit in public all the time without thinking about it. it was wonderful to be part of such a public display of unashamedness. for most i don't think it is poltical, but when you get a group together (there were about 60 of us there), it becomes political. si se puede!!!
here we all are. if you look hard you can see sam.
oh there he is again. making his political statment about public knitting by wearing his cowl that i made for him! he has a really long neck and i worry that it gets cold. so i knit a stockinette tube with some left over lamb's pride worsted color oregano, the best color tied with fucshia.
somehow during all the knitting, the tree in front of the studio was tagged, knitta please style! none of us saw it happen and we don't know anything.
oh and right after i published that last post, one of my coworkers at the er found my knitting!! it worked!

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